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Building 40 - The Klein Center
Thursday, April 4th
2 - 6 P.M.

Join us for an awesome afternoon at Gameathon! Show off your skills in Mario Kart, dive into some one-shot Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, and enjoy a plethora of card and board games. Some food will be available for participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out on this ultimate gaming experience!

Want to join a D&D campaign? Check out the different ones below!
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The Heist

Beginner friendly!Want to dip your toes into the world of D&D? This is the campaign for you!Get ready to pull off the ultimate heist in this high stakes one-shot campaign! Are you cunning enough to escape without getting caught? Come find out!Seats available: 6

Campaign 3

Dive into the eerie world of 1920s England as your group of friends find themselves trapped in a twisted video game. Explore the shadowy streets of Wellowswield, uncover dark secrets, and race against time to solve a series of chilling disappearances.
Join us for a spine-tingling one-shot adventure like no other! Character sheets will be provided.
Seats available: 6

Fantasy Walmart

Help wanted!!
We at fantasy Walmart truly hope you join our wonderful team! And remember our slogan! If you hear screams coming from behind the faculty doors, No you didn’t!
Fantasy Walmart is a 4-6 player game with characters starting at level 3. You as the player will go on a mission within the company and help aid the manager on shift. Player Sheets are available if needed!Seats available: 4-6

Were-Wolves Come From

Beginner friendly!While passing through the woods, you come across what seems to be an old-fashioned town. The tall buildings are decorated for Halloween, a large pumpkin sits in the middle of town.... Odd, the last you recalled it was Spring. You turn to look at the path you followed here, just to find it's vanished, only oak trees in sight. What will you do?Seats available: 4-6

Boo Bash 2023

October 26th 6 pm - 9 pm
Building 40 Room 108

Boo Bash is an annual event held by the Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Attendees are encouraged to come dressed in costumes* for the costume contest. There is music, dancing, snacks, etc. We have a photographer on scene to capture the night. This event is a safe space where people can come together and have fun!

Things of NoteEntry is FREE for CF students with an ID number. Students may bring a non-student guest for $5.*You are not permitted to wear masks or carry weapons of any kind (real or fake).Costumes are only permitted at the event, we are not responsible for what happens if you go to the rest of campus in full costume.Respect all campus policies. This includes the rules against use/selling of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, interfering with typical college operations, vandalizing college property, etc.Harassment, discrimination, and violence will not be tolerated.

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